TMG Support Services & Process

Progressive Company Store:

You can purchase Progressive branded merchandise directly through the Company Store and pay with a credit card OR you can shop the same selection of products and pay with a Progressive Purchase Order by accessing the site through the procurement system.

Product Selection:

We have a large selection of merchandise in stock and available for you to order.  We work in partnership with Progressive marketing to roll-out new products every season and we offer promotions and sales regularly throughout the year. All products in the Company store are produced in high volumes to keep costs low and inventory is stored in our warehouse, so orders ship quickly (within 1-3 business days). Please Contact Us to provide feedback about the products offered in the store.

Multiple Shipments:

We recently added options at checkout that allow you to ship to Multiple Addresses which make it easier for you to mail out employee or co-worker gifts without having to enter each order individually. You can also send a personal gift message to the recipient!

Adhoc Requests:

If you’re looking for more “custom” products (maybe for your team or a special event) our team can help you with brainstorming ideas and quoting merchandise specific to your needs. To kick-off this process, submit a creative request (via Workamajig) and a Touchstone team member will be assigned to the project. The creative request link can be found on Progressive's Highway. Since custom products are ordered on-demand, the production timeline is generally 7-10 business days plus transit. 

Fulfillment & Kitting Services:

Whether you’re planning a virtual event or want to send out an employee gift, we can help you to create these positive experiences. Submit a creative request (via Workamajig) and include your project details and we’ll help walk you through the entire process.  The creative request link can be found on Progressive's Highway. Our team will handle all the work, saving you time while ensuring safe and on-time product delivery. 

  • We will provide a perfectly curated collection of gift ideas for your specific project. 

  • Once the product is selected, we’ll work with you through proofing and production.

  • Our warehouse team will provide project management and pre-planning with regards to all kitting and fulfillment needs of the project. These include the following:

    • Packaging selected products and ensuring safe fit 

    • Preparing, printing and applying shipping labels

    • Managing orders to delivery, including returns.

For more information about our services and process, please reach out to one of your dedicated team members or review the PGR Merch Guide.


Susie Nist

Global Account Manager

Megan Fastzkie

Global Account Manager

Ashley Bell

Senior Account Manager (Program)

Stephanie Lentz

Global Account Director