Progressive Blue Tooth Speaker

SKU: PRG1723

We have 42 available.

It sounds like you need a new speaker! This wireless clip makes it easy take your music, podcasts, or other audio with you wherever you go—it even lasts up to 1.5 hours! So, turn it up and go where the music takes you!

Color: Black and white

Features: Clips to your bag and plays music or other audio from anywhere. Battery lasts 1.5 hours at max volume and takes equally as long to charge Offers a built-in microphone to receive calls and works from over 33 feet away! Uses a type-c charging gable with a two-watt output and is made of FSC-certified material.

Note: "This item is for personal use ONLY and is not approved for work use. For IT approved equipment and accessories, please visit the PGR Service Center"